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Golf Tournament Registration Form!
(Print and mail)

To register on-line please click here.
Otherwise please print this page and mail to the address shown below.

I am playing as a single player. Please place me with a team.

Name                                                                             Phone                      ____                

Address                                                 City                                State  ___    Zip                  

E-mail ___________________________________________

My USGA Handicap Index is *                                   

I am a member of a team. The team captain is:                             

Address                                                 City                                State  ___    Zip                  

Team Captain's HDCP Index *                         Phone                                      

Player 2 Name                                                 HDCP Index                           

Player 3 Name                                                 HDCP Index                           

Player 4 Name                                                 HDCP Index                           

*Please provide player's June 2000 USGA Handicap Index if not maintained at Wintergreen.  Those without an official handicap will play as "scratch".   The maximum handicap for men is 36 and for women is 40.

Tournament Fees:

4-person team  $500    Individual Player $125  Dinner & Music only $35

Please register  __  golfers for dinner and entertainment:                                    

Please register  __  non-golfers for dinner and entertainment:                             


Payment Method (check one):

___   Check enclosed (payable to Wintergreen Performing Arts)

___   Visa ___  MasterCard          Number                                                  Exp. Date                   ___ 

Snail Mail: To register by mail, please print and complete the above registration information
and mail to:

Wintergreen Performing Arts Inc.
P.O. Box 816
Wintergreen, VA 2295

Please Make Checks Payable to:
Wintergreen Performing Arts, Inc.